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Search Techniques and our Products

Founded in 1990, Search Techniques Ltd. are a specialist UK company who provide corporate solutions to the ever present risk of theft by employees. We design and manufacture a range of Random Search Selectors and ancillary equipment to fulfil the needs of industry, with our product development program taking account of the latest technological, socio-economic and employment legislation changes, and of course customer feedback. We firmly believe that prevention is better than cure, so our Random Search Selectors have always been developed with an emphasis on deterring crime from occurring in the first place. Catching thieves is only marginally better than not catching them, actively DETERRING theft is the only sensible policy. The best way we see of achieving this is a combination of effective corporate policy and efficient hardware to provide a tangible and constant reminder that theft will not be tolerated. Unfortunately, some people will always try their luck when they think they have got to know the system. It's fortunate for your company, that with a Search Techniques Random Search Selector correctly implemented, you can operate effectively a dynamic security system that cannot be anticipated, therefore thwarting the efforts of potential thieves to spot a way through, and actually catch the undeterred in possession of stolen property. We know our system is efficient, but we also believe it is potentially the fairest and most flexible means of deterring and checking on your employees whilst actively maintaining a high degree of security for your company.

With the flexibility inbuilt into our Random Search Selectors, it is possible for your company to adopt a level of security applicable to your risks and needs, and still have the ability to revise your security levels instantly by simply adjusting the pass/search percentage - it couldn't be easier or more flexible.

Search Techniques have systems operating satisfactorily in a wide range of situations at various security levels for many well known retail organisations, logistics companies and industrial companies throughout the world, protecting everything from precious metals to clothing, in storerooms, warehouses, distribution centres and the stockrooms of high street stores.

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