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'Selektor 1' Random Search/Check Selectors


'Selektor 1' models are designed as a range of 'stand alone' self contained portable Random Search/Check Selectors that are ready to go 'out of the box', simply set the desired percentage 'search/check' ratio, fit batteries (or plug in the optional mains adaptor), and it's ready for use. The models have evolved into differently designated units for different applications, but all are functionally the same. The units can also be permanently installed by fixing to a wall or work surface with the supplied mounting bracket.

The Selektor 1 model SS1100-S 'PASS' and 'SEARCH' is ideal for use in a "stop and search" theft prevention policy to eliminate losses from warehouses, shops or factories.

The Selektor 1 model SS1100-C is available with 'PASS' and 'CHECK' indicators instead of the standard 'PASS' and 'SEARCH' for situations such as screening, compliance testing etc.

The Selektor 1 model SS1100-N 'NO TEXT' is supplied without any captions on the green and red indicator light bars, to facilitate a wide range of uses. Use without captions in variable rolls, or apply your own custom captions (Non-English languages, organisation specific selection etc.) created with widely available label printers such as Brother P-Touch range using Black Text on Clear Background tape (TZ111 (6mm wide) and TZ121 (9mm wide) tapes are ideal).

The Selektor 1 is now available in a NEW three light version that allows for setting of dual search/check percentages for different levels of scrutiny i.e. Search 1 = Metal Detector Scan, Search 2 = Detailed bag/pocket search.

The Alcohol and Drugs version is aimed at intoxicating substances control, with the option of setting different percentage selection for each.
Screening is becoming commonplace in industries where intoxication can seriously compromise safety.

The BLUE light is accompanied by a different sounder tone to the RED light to easily differentiate the required procedure to operating staff.

A 'Universal' (100-240v AC 50/60Hz, UK, Euro & USA compatible) plug in power supply unit is available for use as an alternative power source to the internal disposable batteries.



Selektor - fixed percentage Random Search Selector

Model SS1100-S has 'PASS' and SEARCH' lights (shown above)
Model SS1100-C has 'PASS' and 'CHECK' lights
Model SS1100-N has no text/caption on the lights, allowing user applied captions for user specific use or left blank for variable rolls.


NEW THREE LIGHT DUAL PERCENTAGE MODELS     Model SS1200-DS          Model SS1200-DC          Model SS1200-AD

How it works

  • Everyone passing through the control point pushes the button
  • A red (or blue) light and high tone indicate that you have been selected
  • A green light and a low tone indicates that you have not been selected on this occasion
  • If you know you could be stopped, you won't take the risk!



  • Battery operation (3 x 'AA' Alkaline, supplied)
  • Clear indication of SELECTION or PASS with daylight visible lights and audible tones
  • Portable or fixed installation with supplied mounting bracket
  • Desk mount, wall mount or hand held
  • Large 2 inch pushbutton
  • Search percentage ratio adjustable by internal switches
  • Search settings from 0 to 100% in 0.5% steps
  • Random selection is guaranteed to be totally unpredictable
  • Optional mains power supply unit available


The Selektor is supplied complete with batteries, self adhesive vinyl sign and instructions.


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